Sunday, April 29, 2012

Azhag with a flag

So, a major milestone reached - I've actually made a second post, and on time. I finished Azhag's flag today, so now only (only!) have Skullmuncha and the base to do.

Azhag's flag, on a pin vice for painting.

I'd originally pinned it through the base of the flag. This was a mistake - the resin will slowly, but inexorably, bend in heat above 25°C. Since this would also happen once the flag was mounted, I decided to pin it in the middle. The pin came out three times during painting since it's a very shallow hole and a very big flag.

It was painted in acrylic (mostly Citadel and some Vallejo). I used the new GW Mephiston Red on the sun face - this is the best red I've used for a deep, rich red. The material of the flag is based around GW Kommando Kahki, but had the texture buit up after the acrylic was done using oils. Raw sienna for the body, burnt sienna for the light shadows and burnt umber for the deep shadows. This added a slightly richer texture than just acrylics. The metals are loosly based on the Massive Voodoo true metalic metals tutorial, but with only a vague light source.  Everything else is pretty standard techniques, with patience making up for skill.

Azhag - front

Azhag - left

Azhag - rear

Azhag - right
In these you can see the bend in flag pole didn't straighten out when mounted. It's not ideal, but It'll have to do. I'm call this 99% done. The only part I'm really not sure about are the claws on the dessicated wyvern wing (the ones up the top). Since they're shaped more like dog or cat claws, I've painted them with the inside liek a dogs claw. They're a little clean, and I may make them more like horns.

The pin stopping the flag from sagging.
The background I used is from Massive Voodoo. Corvus' Miniatures has another good set. Photo's were done with overhead room lighting and a spot from a cheap halogen. No space for a lightbox or more lights yet (apologies for the obvious shadows!), but I'm moving soon so hopefully I can rig on up.

Now on to Skullmuncha!


  1. Great looking paint job, nice blog as well, will be adding you to the W.I.P. Blogroll.

  2. Thanks WIP. And thanks for the add :-)