Monday, April 23, 2012

Starting at the beginning

Back four years ago I signed up for blogger so I could follow a bunch of painting, modelling and 40K blogs easily. I thought maybe I'd start blogging my own stuff someday. Blah, blah, four years later, I'd been slacking off hobbies and I read Joel at Mordian 7th had hit four years and 250 posts, while doing a whole lot of stuff, while I'd painted a few guys. I mean, I had recorded a few albums for people, changed jobs a couple of times, so it's not like I wasn't doing anything, but I thought maybe a weekly blog could help me be a little more consistent in my output of minis.

So here's the first post. The aim for this to be a Sunday blog; one post a week, every Sunday. It'll mostly be 40K for now, and mostly painting since I don't play much. I'll kick off with a state of play.

The current project is Azhag the Slaughterer. I don't play WFB, but I do like the model. Azhag is done, I'm working on the banner with Skullmuncha still to do.Since this whole thing is a bit of whim, there are no fresh photos. But here are two showing the putty work and pins on Skullmuncha.
Skullmuncha - lots of liquid greenstuff. You can also see the pin for his other wing. He's attached to a small piece of craft fibreboard for undercoating.

I've totally removed the stock base resin so I can mount him on a custom base.
Skullmuncha - none of his limbs fit very well so they were all pinned and filled with grey stuff. This was left a little hollow, and once hardened, more grey stuff was put on an sculpted.

I have a few (!) other things that are waiting to be done. A few Dystopian Wars armies. The plan is to keep them fairly simple.
Kindom of Britania landship - watching TV and sanding resin.
The big one is the 40K marine company and guard irregulars.

Jump marine
Jump Chaplain
The hoard
There is a plan for all these guys, but it might take a while to get through them all. On to next Sunday!

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