Sunday, May 20, 2012

Warning - Mines

Still unpacking after last weeks move and without computer, so I'm trying an update from my tablet. A little hard to get good photos, but here are some of the mine field I put together a while back. I wanted something multipurpose, and with a bit of whimsy. I though there ought to be a good explanation as to why people are blundering about into minefields, so long grass and a broken sign seemed in order.

These were made first as a single 10"x6", then split. This was to allow it to be used as a single minefield for planet strike (some one correct me if it's some other supplement that used the 10"x6" minefield), or as loose dangerous terrain.

The pieces were cut from MDF. The crater was made from spare milliputt, formed in a simple ring. The mines, skulls, sign and other bits were all glued straight to the MDF. The whole lot was covered with plaster and medium sand to add shape and texture.

The base was painted using watered down poster paints and a touch of detergent to help it flow, which was then drybrushed with bleached bone. The same scheme and weathering as the bombs was used for all the detail.

The whole lot was covered with long grass from Woodland Scenics. This stuck well, except for a small bald patch in the middle of the crater.

All in all, I'm happy with how these turned out. They look better in person, so I'll try and get some better photos when I'm set up for it. The only downside is the grass is quite springy, so there's a risk it would really be dangerous terrain for any top-heavy minis.


  1. do you have iny Idea how long i have intended to make a minefield?

    well it's a while.

    bravo for completing one!

    I knew i should have picked up those city of death packs when they were out.

    1. :-) Thanks Karitas. And I know the feeling - there are a bunch of discontinued Forge World buldings I wish I'd bought. But the missus is no doubt happy that there's that much less unfinished stuff lying around the house!