Monday, June 4, 2012

New desk, new models

So, a little late again. It's remarkable how much time it takes to unpack things. It doesn't help I'm prone to reorganising things. But! I now have somethings like a workspace set up. It's not completely done yet but it's pretty close.

Workspace, getting set up.

Sadly we're renting so the wallpaper stays. I'm thinking to make some cheap screens with bamboo trellis and butchers paper to reduce the amount of green. On a brighter note, where I'm standing taking the photo is five or six metres of north facing window so plently of daylight when it's not winter. It'll be too hot to keep minis in during summer, so there's a big shelf in the next room for finished and WIP things, and piles of room in the garage for boxes and stuff.

There are a few things that need doing - definately need some sort of paint holding setup - I'm thinking to make something that will hold four rows of paints that I can fit in the shelf where paints are currently just jammed in. This should keep them off the desk and hopefully I can maintain some semblence of order. Hopefully.

I also got the Sevrin Loth Forge World kit for my birthday. Not that I really need new minis, but he is nice. I don't play Red Scorpions, so there'll be a bit of conversion work.

Sevrin Loth de Milo
Fortunately most of the kit doesn't come with a lot of chapter markings. It's based on the command squad kit, so will also be good for bits.

The full kit.
There's a decent banner that's not too scorpion-y, so it'll stay.
Company or chapter banner? Not sure yet.

The scorpion heads will need a bit of work, but they are a good set. The scorpion tail will probably become a crest.

Scorpion heads - a bti of work here

The style fits nice with my current force commander (of as yet unknown rank) so they can become his honour guard. Perhaps a chpatermaster since everone else is pretty down to earth.

The force commander is a Masters of the Chapter guy
with a fancy helmet and backpack.

The torsos continue the theme nicely. They are nicely detailed.

The whole kit came out really well (always nice give FW can be hit and miss). Apart from a few bubbles, the only problem was one of the axes needs the blade filling in which will be a whole lot of no fun.

The left axe will need a little filling in on the blade.

Given that's my only complain I reckon I can be pretty happy. It'll be fun putting these guys together. The parts will also be able to be spread nicely around the army, which is a bonus.

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